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The Royal Ball News

The Royal Ball NewsLess than 48 hours away, the entire world is focused on what to expect for Prince William's and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding. The Royal Wedding will take place on April 29th at London's Westminster Abbey. Read below for updates on the Royal Wedding details as they are revealed to the public.

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The Royal Wedding Dress Rehearsal

The Royal Wedding dress rehearsal took place early yesterday morning, Wednesday April 27th. Londoners that were awake were able to catch a glimpse of what will happen at the official Royal ceremony. More than 1,000 soldiers were present along with horses and carriages. Everything seemed to go as planned. Yet, the bridal couple was not present during the wedding rehearsal. A double was used to represent Miss Kate Middleton.

The Royal Wedding Favors

It was revealed that the wedding favors will be limited edition scarves, customed designed by Centex and bearing the design of the Union Jack pattern with animal print. I believe these scarves will come in different colors and are sure to delight the distinguished guests.

The Royal Wedding Flowers

Trees will be lining the aisle leading to the altar, inside Westminster Abbey. Some of these trees will be up to 20 ft. tall, and many are being supplied directly by the Queen. The flowers, on the other hand, will come from Windsor Great Park. These will include Azaleas, the Chinese symbol of femininity, lilacs, which represent first love, rhododendron and wisteria. The wedding bouquet is going to be a surprise.

The Royal Wedding Dress

The Royal Wedding Dress continues to remain a secret. Spectators were hoping to catch a peek at the Royal Wedding Dress, but were disappointed to see that Kate's double was wearing pants.

The Royal Wedding Guest List

The Royal Wedding guest list has finally been revealed. Some of the celebrities that have been invited include musician Elton John, singer Joss Stone, soccer star David Beckham and wife, and director Guy Ritchie.

The Royal Wedding Menu

The Royal Wedding menu has yet to be revealed. So far, we have only predictions. A former Buckingham Palace Senior chef, Darren McGrady, is making predictions on what to expect. He believes the menu will compromise traditional English dishes with the couple's individual favorites. He does believe a fruitcake will be the base of the main wedding cake.